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    The benefit of a

    Mindful Relational proses facilitated coaching sessions ?


    The mutual room of allowing presence provides a deeper and more real connection to ourselves - in this connectedness it becomes easier to confront problems, to feel deeply what we long for and to foster new ideas for fulfilling actions and decisions in ones life.


    As much of our pain and fear in our life originate from lack of human connectedness, and from fear of losing belonging with us selves and others - this simple mindful contact also bears in it, the potential to calm and heal our nerve system and the roots of much of our suffering.

  • Filip Alderin

    Global Business Navigation Manager at IKEA


    Tine first helped me breaking my downward development by coaching me, making me aware and giving me some tools to analyce and recognize my current situation.
    When things stabilized, we started a journey together, co-explored and developed together, always with Tine having an overarching game plan in the background and some theory and tools to support.


    After all, not only did I break my negative development and stopped a potential burnout, - I came out stronger as a person with strengthened self-esteem, equipped with a new understanding of how my body and mind works together and a set of tools to use when in need going forward.

    Tine glows as a person, she comes across as having an enormous source of energy from within. Tine had the skill set to meet me in all different shapes and stages, bringing me back on track for the long plan.


    Tine is very caring and a great listener, and one of the few I've met that can balance a strong mind with an equally strong heart.

    For me, Tine was not only a game changer, she was a life changer, and for that I'm great full beyond words.

    // Filip

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