• Mindful Relating Training - Level 1.


    How to develop

    both the Love AND the Freedom

    you long for in your relationship.

    Warsaw 7 - 8 October


    For the first time in Poland

    Tine Vindeløv presents the Mindful Relating Method for creating happy love relations.


    About Tine Vindeløv

    Tine Vindeløv is founder of the Mindful Relational Coaching method - Now giving Mindful Relating trainings in Denmark and Poland - as well as workshops in Slow Dating and Love mastery.


    She has been working with clients for the past 30 years as a bodyoriented psychotherapist, Psycomotoriker and trauma expert . She has since 2007 worked as a Level 2 Zen Coach - and has bin teaching the full Zen Coaching Training in Poland and Denmark. She is as well a experienced Supervisor on the subjects of Fear Shock and Trauma, Coaching, meditation and Non-Violent Communication.


    Tine Vindeløv has 30 years of personal meditation practice as well as sitting with groups and clients providing a meditative space

    In her holding space your own access to the direct perception of your own being as awareness, depths and compassion and more can arise and become more real and integrated in you.


    People say about Tine " as a facilitator she has a natural flair for connecting theory and experiential realisation in a way that gives her participants a deep personal integration and ownership of the teachings she present ".

  • HR Director at Stadium

    - Stockholm

    Klass Westman

    ”When I first met Tine, some ten years ago, I was immediately struck by her depth and her presence. She is one of the few people I know that can balance matters of the heart and inquires of the mind with the same grace.

    Her ability to apply empathy to everything she does creates trust with everyone she meets.


    From my position as HR Director for Stadium, I hired her to help me with personnel matters, always to everyone complete satisfaction.

    I have also had the pleasure to have her as my own personal coach. Her devotion and love to her work makes it an honour to recommend her to anyone who seeks meaning and understanding”

  • Place:

    You will receive all practical information after you sign up.


    The venue will take place in Warsaw.

    The workshop will be in English You can speak Polish in the exercises.

    Training Program

    “It is my experience - that the biggest suffering in our love life, grows out of lack of knowledge about the underlying mechanisms - that either make us happy and connected - or painfully isolated.”


    Tine Vindeløv


    A love enhancing training For Couples

    On this training you will

    - learn to understand and master the underlying skills to build a healthy and strong - long lasting relationship.


    Day 1

    Day 1: An listening and exploration practice you can take home and use to enhance love, understanding and intimazy.




    A personalised relationship life wheel

    A really helpful tool that gives you a overview of your relationship that helps you to realize and become more aware of your relationship's unique strengths.


    A row of Questions that create awareness and a develop a mutual language for the resources and why they are present in your relation.

    The praxis of listening and exploring the questions - helps you to enhance and celebrate the positive sides of your love relation more - so so you expand and strengthen the positive ground your relationship stands on.

    You also get to explore a row of Questions that helps you to deeper understand and connect to the needs not met in the problematic areas in your relation. Questions that creates understanding, connection and more closeness.

    Benefit of day 1

    This practice has as its potential to -

    • Give you an overview and mutual language for what really matters in your relationship

    • To help you celebrate your love in a way that manifest your unique love relations resources even more.

    • To deepen your sense of connection to more deeply and intimately know each other, and to foster deeper understanding and compassion in your relation.

    • To teach you to see conflicts as doors to deeper understanding and compassion for yourself and the other. This praxis helps you to use conflicts to build a platform of trust and connection instead of the painful disconnection and isolation that often comes out of conflicts.


    Day 2

    Day 2: The understanding of the underlying mechanisms in love relations

    Receive a new wisdom about the underlying mechanisms that guides happy relationships - a understanding that shows you the rules for how to make love grow or wither.



    I present a new and clear model for looking at relations and understanding the natural movement between intimacy and freedom.

    We will train a new intelligent and honest language, that create authentic closeness and connection in stead of isolation and conflicts.

    You take home a questions and exploration practices that you can use to expand your understanding of each other yourself.


    You become visor on what is happening in your unique relationships, concerning the challenges around Freedom and intimacy .


    Benefit of day 2 :

    • To get a clear understanding and model that solve the mystery of the blind struggle around freedom and intimacy that often is playing out in love relations.

    • To develop and integrate a new awareness that enables you to be able to appreciate each other's need for freedom and independence, To be able to create more safe belonging.

    • To expand the possibility of being more free to be truly your self together with your partner.



    After 1 of August 2017 - 1200 PLN/per couple


    Next training will start. Price from 2400 PLN/per copule



    Long time benefit




    Not understanding the underlyieng mechanisms in Love can create a lot of unnecessary suffering in many relations -


    Maybe you have the feeling that something is driving the relation that you do not know what is and therefore can not do anything about


    You feel trapped in a invisible reactivity pattern - and do sometimes not know what is going on on the deeper level and what to do about it .


    There is sometimes a distance in your relation you do not know how to overcome - especially when you have conflicts.


    “It is my experience - that the biggest suffering in our love life grows out of lack of knowledge about the underlying mechanisms that either make us happy and connected - or painfully isolated.”


    This Workshop will give you the key to understand and the tools to solve the riddle of love in a very practical and down to the earth manner.


    When the understanding of this mechanism lands in you as a direct experience, intelligent solutions will automatically and effortlessly arise in you - tailor-made just for you and your relationship , since they come from your own inner realization, instead of good advices from outside.


    You will benefit greatly from this 2 days trainging alone but You'll get the greatest benefit if you decide to implement a practice of weekly or daily listening practise/inquiry sessions (Down to 10 minuttes a day) either alone or together with your partner after the workshop.


    I'll help you manifest decisions and practice time in the end of the weekend.




    The mindful Relational - Teaching method

    I teach in a process oriented way, through guided meditations, real life examples and clear models - so you can get a direct experience of my teaching - then solutions and new actions can arise from your own realizations.


    Solutions to your problems will in this way come from inside you instead of from outside .

    It is my experience that answers that arise from inside ourselves are much more long lasting and wise,

    In the end we are the one who knows ourselves best - and It´s my intention to connect you to your own wisdom by providing new compassionate and deeply intelligent models of how life works.




    How is the workshop carried out ?


    I will speak about theory and guide exercises in pairs.

    Some guided meditations will support you in connecting deeper to your self.

    We talk in the big group, and those who like to share their experiences are welcome.


    You do not have to share anything personal except for with your partner. Although sharing personal experiences and being open is very very welcome, as it contributes to the everybody's learning experience.


    We often feel less alone when we can see that other couples has the same challenges as ourselves..

    The teaching is arranged in ways so the exercises will mainly be with your partner (Occasionally i will invite men and women share in same sex groups or pairs.)

    (PS: This workshop is not a tantra workshop - but can greatly contribute to more lovemaking as you understand more about the psychological mechanisms that helps you to want to move closer to each other and enhance the appreciation of each other).




    About Tine Vindeløv and the origin of the Mindful Relational method.


    Tines core intention since she started working with a Body Oriented Psychotherapy some 30 years ago, has been to solve the riddle of happy love relationships - how to move our relationship to ourselves and others from suffering to joy and fulfilment, From isolation - to deeper connection and harmony.


    The Mindful Relating method and approach has been created out of Tine Vindeløvs 30 years of mindfulness practice, integration of presence in her one to one sessions and from teaching personal development workshops She has taugth the full Zen Coaching training in Denmark and Poland for several years - and have the role of level 2 supervisor in the Zen Coaching Network.

    Her theoretic inspiration comes from many years of studying teaching and using non-violent communication, trauma healing, body awareness, appreciative inquiry, Buddhist Psychology - modern coaching tools and process oriented learning methods in her private life and professional praxis.



    Tines intention is to meet people on a relaxed, equal level - She sees each individual as a unique person with unique needs to be met. Her 30-year experience with 1-1 sessions enables her to support healing of the most problematic feelings and situations in a way that is transforming people’s lives with lasting depths.

    People say about Tine that as a facilitator she has a natural flair for connecting theory and experiential realisation in a way that gives her participants a deep personal integration and ownership to the teachings she present.



    The core intention underlying the Mindful Relating approach and method


    I believe that the core positive driving force behind most of our choices and actions - in life in general - but mostly in our intimate relationships - is the longing to safely and freely belong:

    • to fully belong in ourselves;

    • to develop safe and joyful belonging with others;

    • to have a sense of safe and fulfilling belonging in the world.



    When we belong safely, life becomes more easy and many things becomes possible - We can easily contribute to life to our children and in our work. When we move from loneliness and effort to joyful safe belonging - Love flows easily and we also get access to our positive lifeforce, on both a physical spiritual and emotional level.



    “I see that much of the loneliness, separation and violence in the world come from misunderstood strategies for safe belonging. I believe that we deeply need each other, and that our longing to create safe, real and authentic connections with ourselves and others is a healthy and life supporting inner drive.”

    With the Mindful Relating method and approach comes a profound understanding of how the need for authentic free belonging is a key driving force in our lives and our ways of relating. When it is truly understood, it can alleviate much of the loneliness and suffering in our intimate relationships".


    Tine Vindeløv



    Polish organizer: 

    Instytut Przemiany Patrycji Załug

  • After 26-8

    1200 PLN

    Pr Couples

    Normal price

    2400 PLN

    Pr couples

  • Se what others say about working with Tine Vindeløv


    Inger Edelfeldt

    Athur and Zen Coach from Stockholm

    As a teacher/supervisor Tine is very clear and instructive in her support of you, and she doesn´t give up until you yourself have understood her instruction and/or model on a deep experiential level.


    Her great interest and joyful, deep engagement in personal growth - as an adventure - is also very inspiring.
    As a coach she uses her tools, models and intuition very skillfully and un- invasively. She is present, experienced and empathic in a supportive way which makes you feel free to investigate and trust your own process, whatever comes up in it. I highly recommend her.



    Maarit Suokas-Alanko


    Tine´s approach requires the

    participant more than conventional coaching, but it also offers maximum learning and clearer insights.

    Depending on the participants willingness, a chance for connecting with oneself on a deep and liberating level.


    What I personally very much appreciate about Tine´s work is

    her ability to combine the emotional and the rational, i.e., she is both very warm and

    empathic, and yet at the same time very perceptive mentally and intellectually.

    I personally left the workshop with an increased sense of inner freedom and certainty.

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