• Klas Westman

    HR Director Stadium Stockholm

    ”When I first met Tine, some ten years ago, I was immediately struck by her depth and her presence. She is one of the few people I know that can balance matters of the heart and inquires of the mind with the same grace.

    Her ability to apply empathy to everything she does creates trust with everyone she meets.


    From my position as HR Director for Stadium, I hired her to help me with personnel matters, always to everyone complete satisfaction.

    I have also had the pleasure to have her as my own personal coach. Her devotion and love to her work makes it an honour to recommend her to anyone who seeks meaning and understanding”


    Klas Westman

  • Why work with Tine


    As a relational expert and executive coach


    If you want to create a fulfilling and satisfying love life.

    • To your self
    •  In your  intimate relations




    As a meditation guide

    If you want to expand your inner peace, happiness and fulfilment


    I Support you in developing direct access to your own


    1: qualities of of awareness

    - such as clarity, intelligence, freedom and focus


    2: Qualities of the heart

    - such as love, compassion , joy, inner value, courage and strengths



  • "As the origin of our challenges in life, often comes from lack of present allowing human contact - it is also in in the presence of a loving accepting other, they slowly heal."

    More testimonials on the benefit of working with Tine in Danish Swedish and English HER

    Inger Edelfeldt

    Zen Coach and author from Stockholm

    Her great interest and joyful, deep engagement in personal growth - as an adventure - is very inspiring.
    As a coach she uses her tools, models and intuition very skillfully and un- invasively.

    She is present, experienced and empathic in a supportive way which makes you feel free to investigate and trust your own process, whatever comes up in it.


    I highly recommend her.


    Inger Edelfeldt

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