• Albert Rösch

    Some 20 years ago the desire to know "what supports deep self insight, authentic connection to others and a sense of trust and joy in life" started Albert’s journey.


    Specialty: Hiking and Coaching


    He works full time offering coaching, holding workshops as well as hiking tours in Sweden’s breathtaking nature. Albert is a certified coach and holds a degree from Lund School of Economics.


    Originally from Kazakhstan, Albert is the founder of Zen Hiking. Some 20 years ago along his journey it became very clear that personal development in all its forms is what he is truly interested in. This is in a way how he looks at life - what are the 'rules of the game' that support a greater self insight, a more authentic connection to others and an increased sense of trust, joy and flow in life?


    Albert has been offering mindfulness based coaching to clients in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Germany, the UK and South Africa in recent years. He has also been co-teaching the Zen Coaching trainings in Sweden and Denmark. Previously Albert has been working with leadership development and green energy in Sweden as well as child trauma in Germany. He is a certified Zen Coach (Sweden) and holds a master degree in International Economics from Lund School of Economics (Sweden).


    Sessions with Albert Röch


    Individual Coaching sessions: Mindful relating to Habits, Money, love and life


    Contact Albert on albert.rosch@googlemail.com

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