• Win Win Win


    Gratitude Donation


    WIN 1 : I give Mindful Relating workshops to you and your friends


    WIN 2 : You give back but only if it feels like a joy to give


    WIN 3 : You and others get the benefit of receiving the teaching for free

  • My story about Gratitude Donation.

    I started in the spring of 2017 to give my 8 Week love exploration workshops for free - giving my teaching was simply more important that money !
    I was so tired of trying the professional marketing strategies. They felt unnatural and pushy.
    Why should anybody pay for something they could only truly know how would benefit them after they got it ?

    So I started to ask for donations after each teaching session.

    And magically I received just what my expenses was ! Just what I needed !

    From that experience I started to connect to a deep trust and connection to life's supporting nature - life seem to give me what I need to take care of my basic needs.
    I also started to connect to the abundance of things and kind humans already present in my life.

    And I became nurtured and fulfilled from teaching my knowledge about the riddles of love to a group of lovely people.

    From there it just feels so right, liberating and relaxing to base part of my economy on freely given gratitude donations.

    When you give in freedom and from direct connection with your appreciation of what you received - I can receive your money or help from a totally different place inside me.

    Gratitude donation is an invitation into a free joyful dance of giving and receiving.

    My gratitude donation based program consist of


    1: 8 Week yes it´s NOW i want a relationship -

    2: Weekend internat: Mindful Relating Healing relations

    3: Relationship weekend training

    4: Lectures

    5: Slow Dating Events

    6: Co-created programs on invitation


    Together we move from

    a control and survival based economy - to a free win win win gratitude fuled exchange




    What others give:


    Albert give sparring and belonging

    Albert gives me sparring and helps me develop Mindful Relating by attending as a workshop coach, sparring partner,

    Albert is intensely engaged in living and exploring the Mindful Relating method in his own life, with his family.

    I can always ask for quality listening.

    Albert : I donate my time and dedication to the Mindful Relating tribe and to Tine .........




    Patrycja Zalug

    Writes articles do interviews with me and organice trainings with me and Mindful Relating

    I am in love with Tine's work.


    She provides a very profound understanding of how relationships function and she explains it in a very clear way.


    I had a pleasure to work with her in trainings and coaching session and I was deeply touched by her loving meditative approach. In her presence I can be fully myself and I am getting clear about what is going inside of me.


    I decided to support her work to develop my knowledge about relating and also to deepen my coaching skills, but first of all, because I benefit so much from her work and presence, so I would love to share it with others.


    Patrycja Załug, coach, speaker and writer



    Lise gives coaching sessions and practical help on Healing Relations and supports my writing

    I give my help to Tine because:

    Tine is and has been a source of tremendous nourishment and support in my life.


    Supporting her work gives me a chance to give back and to help insure that others can gain from her loving work and wisdom, as I did.



    Henrik donates a monthly fee

    I give as I think the world needs more intelligent love relationships. If we could solve the riddle of love there would be no more wars. Mindful Relating is a powerful suggestion to solve suffering and create a happy more loving world.






    Lars Fogh donates his amazing house in Tisvilde.

    I give my help because it gives me ........







    Klaus Seidenfaden translates from Danish to English

    I give my help because i like to :




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