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Who is the Coach Training for?

You don't need to have the wish to become a coach. All the coach skills are easily applied to all situations in life involving contact with yourself and contact with others. You might wish to establish a practise of meditation for two during and after the training as that has a deeply nurturing and beneficial effect on your life.

Presence merged with professional skills.

You will greatly benefit from joining the training if you long  for more presence merged with your already acquired skills. Skills you use in your practice as a coach, psychotherapist, counselor, or working with people in any form in your daily work life.

Becoming a coach

The training is suitable for you who is new to coaching, want to establish a coach practice and start embarking on the journey to develop professional coaching skills. The practical structure of the training will help you start the process of establishing your own practice.  

Deeper belonging

For you who want to deeply understand the riddle of  loving relationships. For you who long to establish a deeper sense of belonging with others - and long to support others in accessing and  living the same safer belonging in their life.

Personal access to presence

For you who want to integrate a deeper understanding of what it takes to live a fulfilling  life / work in more peaceful presence.  From a deeper connection to presence qualities such as meaning, joy, creativity, depths and more. For you who want to expand your connection to your own unique contribution as presence.

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