One of Tines core interests  is to understand what it means to relate to us
selves and to each other in ways that support deepening of belonging,
freedom, authenticity and aliveness.

She has been working with clients and participants on her workshops to
support deeper contact to their inner resources and sense of self
connection for over 30 years.

Tine has developed a solid and integrated understanding of what we do to make us selves and each other miserable, and how we stop these patterns  and move our relations into more peace, fulfilment, safer connectedness and deeper belonging.

Tine integrates theoretical knowledge of both coaching, Body oriented psychotherapy and communication skills, in to her practice. She has many years of exploring the interconnection between mind, feeling and body and has develop her own unique way of facilitating a process of awareness about this interconnection with her clients and students.
Besides the last 10 years of intensive engagement in Zen Coaching –  As a Coach Supervisor co-creator - Leading the Danish and Polish Zen Coaching training and assisting the Swedish training, she has 26 years of professional experience as a Body oriented psychotherapist and holds bachelor degree in Relaxation and Psychomotor Therapy.
The work with individual clients is characterized by an integrated sensitivity and respect for the persons she works with.

Tine has the ability to work with a wide range of situations using coaching-skills integrated with her Body Oriented psychotherapy background. She meets people on a relaxed equal level and is seeing each individual as a unique person with unique needs for being met.

Tine has developed an ability to see the beauty in any difficulty and is able to support transformation of the most problematic feelings and situations like shame – deep rooted fear in a way that is transforming people’s lives with lasting depths.
As a facilitator she has a natural flair for connecting theory and experiential realisation, in a way that gives her participants a deep personal integration and ownership to the teaching she presents.
Her inspiration comes from mindfulness based Zen Coaching developed by Kåre Landfald, Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, Compassionate Communication by Marshall Rosenberg, Trauma Healing by Peter Levine, The Work by Byron Katie, and the knowledge about essence and inquiry from AH Almaas, Communication by Carl Rogers, Appreciative inquiry and her father Stig Vindeløv, who was passionately interested in philosophy, Taoism and the benefit of being present in the moment.
Privately she is a Mother to 19 year old son Mikkel, she loves to draw, cook and grow flowers.
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