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Teaching Method on the Training

As presence and awareness is not something you can master by “reading about it”  or getting it from the outside through theory - we support the integration of the most important skills coming from this training in four main ways:

  1. An experiential process oriented learning method on the training
  2. Exercises in small groups between modules
  3. Teleclasses between modules with a Mindful Relating facilitator
  4. Daily meditation praxis integrated in your life in a natural way*
*down to 5 minutes a day; examples: to eat one meal in silence with yourself or your family; to do slow walking for five minutes on the way to or from work

This structure secures that you will leave the training with an professional and personal embodiment of the knowledge. This will benefit both your personal life as well as your ability to support others in moving into more connection with their personal presence, positive motivating force in life and extended access to safe belonging.

The explorative learning method in Mindful Relating

The Mindful Relating Coach Training is a process and experience oriented training. We support your empowerment through inviting into a direct experience of your personal relation to presence in the exercises and meditations. The focus is on how knowing more about yourself can enhance relaxation, joy and realness in contact with your self and thereby support a deeper understanding of and connection to others.

Our understanding and theoretic models serve as a integration and deepening of this personal work. It also support the development of a mutual language in the group. This way of facilitation has the benefit of supporting a deeper personal and more real empowerment. It can also feel new and at times challenging as the focus is put more on a learning process inside of you and less on receiving theoretical knowledge from outside. We therefore put a focus on creating an allowing, respectful  and friendly space in which you are invited to relax into your own unique process of discovery.

Learning  on the training is supported by:
    • Guided meditations
    • Body awareness exercises
    • Theory
    • Work in pairs
    • Dynamic group exercises
    • Sharing and digestion in the big group
    • Coaching demonstrations
    • Relevant theory and intelligent models
    • Reading and meeting between modules                                                                                                                                                               
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