How do we define Presence?

Presence is to be here in this moment, to be in an all-inclusive awakeness to whatever  is arising inside and outside us. We can be awake to the direct perception through our senses of body, feelings and outer world, and we can be awake to all our thoughts and our minds' inner movements and components. On top of that we can be awake to the interaction of all these areas. How our mind is affecting our body and feelings and how our mind is translating this interaction.

Presence or awareness is the quality in us that enables us to see us self from distance, to see what is happening right now. To be bigger than our inner drama and thus enable us to see how the mechanisms of the mind are affecting the way we experience life. We see presence  as an essential key to learning and developing as human beings.

Different qualities of awakeness or presence support us in seeing and meeting us self and others in life supporting ways. Presence qualities of the heart like love, openness, allowance, curiosity and compassion can support us containing and  staying with what is - for deeper learning and for healing of old pain. Instead of interfering, changing, improving and suppressing.

Presence qualities of the mind can be non interfering openness, clarity and intelligence among others. They help us to learn about us self, to see bigger perspectives and let new creative ideas and understanding arise inside. In contrast to doing what we have always done, and relying on old safe knowledge.

Presence as all inclusive awakeness.
The qualities of present awakeness are all inclusive, nothing is excluded nothing is prefered.

Often presence is misunderstood as feeling certain nice states! So when we e.g. say “we are not present”, we can mean that we do not feel relaxed or at peace. This understanding is an inadequate understanding of presence that gives much confusion in the way the concept is used.

We offer a clear, precise and deep understanding of what presence is that supports a precise use of language that is beneficial for a more direct and all-inclusive relation to what is arising in the moment.

The practice of meditation for two

Expansion of your own access to presence is based on the simple practice of coming home into this moment again and again, waking up to and allowing what is here. This praksis is a core part of the Mindful relating coaching method - The coaching practise is  “meditation for two” that helps booths yourself and the client to awake to what is happening in the moment - return to awake presence here and now.

Why is presence crucial for connection with each other?

We found that being here, in this moment, in presence with an open heart and mind is the most rewarding way  to feeling deeply at home in us self, and to connect authentically with others.

This simple meeting in the holding space of loving presence, has in it the potential to heal much of our suffering, as much of our pain comes from either disconnection with us selves or separation from others.   

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