Up-qualifying the process of waking up to myself, with the support of a co-meditator

In traditional meditation one of the intentions is to develop the space to see what goes on in your mind, to stop and to expand your capacity for letting go of identification with feelings and thoughts. Slowly you develop a bigger mind or mindsight - a space of awareness.

In meditation for two the benefit of meditation is magnified through the support of the others' awareness and non-interfering holding space. You are held in another human beings space of loving allowing attention. This helps you to develop that same ability and expand the awareness space that can contain and see  how your mind/feeling/body interaction functions.

Our experience is that meditation for two simply speeds up the awakening and the deeper contact to oneself. When the Co-meditator is skilled in non-interfering holding space and have skills to name and see what is happening in a non judgmental and non guiding way, both the awareness about yourself as well as the awake presence to us self are enhanced.

From or co-meditator we receive a holding space where it becomes much easier to see us self,  feel more deeply our feelings, body and longings, and connect to our own capacity for learning and problem solving. The warm holding space of another also helps us to more easily look and stay in allowing ways with pain. Then pain can naturally move, dissolve and bring deep understanding of its root by itself.

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