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Love no matter what ! - The Mindful Relational approach to meditation

Coaching and Meditation as gentle loving allowance




















From or co-meditator we receive a holding space where it becomes much easier to see us self, feel more deeply our feelings, body and longings.

In this loving contact we can connect to our own natural capacity for learning and problem solving.


The warm holding space of another also helps us to more easily look and stay in a allowing ways with pain. Then suffering can naturally move, dissolve and bring deep understanding of its root by itself.



Meditation as love an radical allowance

When i talk about meditation, and when i teach the meditation approach to relating on the Mindful Relational Coach Training

- it is not a way to improwe you or make you or others feel good, or to move you towards a "better more ideal" - states of peace or love.

Peace and love are more natural inner states, - that arise when we let us self and the other be, in a radical allowing way. When we just gently add looking and loving allowance to our mediate experience

when we let

- Whatever arise in the field between us

- Whatever comes up in the other

- Whatever comes up inside us selves

be -


with loving kindness and open curiosity. not doing anything to our experiences - also all the unpleasant and painfull states.

As most of our suffering comes from

- pushing, improving, evaluating, judging, trying to change our relation to others, trying to change or improve others

- In short - from not allowing with what is here in millions of ways

- it is when we radically stop this sudtle violence to us self and our experience - the suffering can stops

Gentle allowing can slowly and with time support peace and love in arising - as a holding space that is strong enough to contain everything.

It is in the loving holding space of awareness we can start to more clearly see what is here, how our mind functions and what is deeper than our mind.

We can start to truly see us self, and learn from life.

When this radical allowing attitude towards your self and the other is manifested in your relation - then loving allowing curious investigation into what is you, and what is the other can start.

Life can start to unfold reveal and show it self when we get out of the way and just listen and let be what is here

- then we can truly be intimate with all aspects of us self and the other,

and the mystery of love and relating can start to reveal it self.



The praxis on the Mindful Relating Relational Coach Training

This non interfering loving open attitude is the core of your meditation praxis as a Mindful relational Coach.

1: It start with developing the loving present attitude to your self and your own inner life in Module 1 Healing relations Supported by the holding space of the group and the meditation for 2 Praxis

2: To sit in meditation for two gives you a place to deepen and manifest this attitude towards others.

3: With time and praxis it brings peace intelligence love and friendliness into your intimate relationship as well as all other relations in your life.

The Mindful Relational Coach training invites you into a regular praxis of meditation for 2 minimum one hour every week, from the start of the year long training.

It is an invitation into a praxis that can benefit you and others for the rest of your life if you choose so.


The Mindful Relational network provide clients if you can not find them your self.

Read more about module 1 Dates and prices HERE

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