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Connection to life's positive intention

Integrating NVC and meditation - looking deeply and compassion as transformation force

Once a foundation of holding a non-interfering presence is established we can start staying with, and looking more deeply into the needs behind our challenges and our longings. With looking deeply we mean looking with compassion for the positive driving force behind our body/mind/feelings structure - looking for our human needs. We see the core driving force in life as a natural movement towards fulfilment and happiness.

Two core needs

Two significant driving forces behind our body/mind/feeling structure we find are particularly important to integrate. Belonging and intimacy on the one side and our seemingly competing need for freedom and independence on the other side.

Learning to recognize the driving force in needs in general and in those two needs in particular, deeply connect to them, and learning to navigate more skilfully in connection to them brings about understanding, deeper access to compassion, relief of pain, and more intelligent solutions to much suffering in all kind of relationships. Out of this integration process freedom and intimacy can in time also merge in unexpected and beneficial ways.

Learn more about the three building blocks of transformation:

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