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Coach Training - Theory and Module Overview

Module overview

The whole training follows a logical sequence with an inner exploration of what it means to you to handle the need for safe and fruitful belonging and freedom at the same time. First with myself, then with others, and at last in the world. The modules are designed in a way that follows an unfoldment of a natural learning and embodiment process.

Mindful relating - Meditation for 2: Introductory weekend

(After this weekend you can apply for the whole training.)


Module 1: Healing Relations

Module 2: Personality and being

Module 3: Secure Belonging

Module 4: Freedom and intimacy

Module 5: Freedom and Intimacy

Module 6: Love in action


Daily schedule at the modules:

10 - 13  Teaching (including small break for refreshments 15 min)

13 - 14.30 Lunch break

14.30 - 18 Teaching (including small break for refreshments 15 min )

From 8.30 - 9.30 possibility for yoga or free movement offered by the participants

Theoretical content

The direct learning on the modules and from the home assignments between modules is supported by a row of books and theoretical content:

  1. Mindfulness as lived and taught by Thit nhat Hanh
  2. Non Violent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg
  3. Focusing by Ann Weiser Cornell
  4. Presence and modern coaching tools - Inspiration from Kåre Landfald, Zen Coaching
  5. Awareness of the body / mind / nerve system connection - from psychomotor education
  6. Understanding of being/essence as taught by A. H. Almaas
  7. Shock work by Peter Levine
  8. Mindsight, attachment and neuroscience  by Dr. Daniel Siegel
  9. Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy by Dr. Sue Johnson
  10. Appreciative inquiry and positive psychology
  11. Attachment theory.
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