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Coach Training - Requirements and Certification

Requirements between modules

Written homework

Between each module to write one A4 page about learning from sessions and content of module as well as one A4 page about your own process - starting after module two. 


  • Receiving 35 sessions - 25 from a professional coach, 10 from other participants on the training.
  • Exchange of 10 Listening sessions and 10 Coaching sessions  with fellow participants on the training.
  • Giving 20 Sessions to 2 clients from outside the training.

To support your integration process and harvest the full benefit from the training you are expected to start giving and receiving sessions right after module two. 


Between each module starting after module 2 we will offer teleclasses with coaching sessions, supervision and questions to support integration and the startup of your coaching practice.

Certification process

All the above assignments are at the same time a part of the final report you are asked to write if you want to become a certified Mindful Relational Coach. You receive guidelines for the rapport in the compendium.

This certificate gives you the right to market yourself with the title Mindful Relational Coach and referring to our brand. The certification process secures that students have fully integrated and understood the principles of the Mindful Relating Coaching approach. The process is at the same time a big help for students to fully benefit from the training.

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