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Coach Training - main intention and purpose

What is the main intention with the Mindful Relating Coach Training?

a)  Becoming a Coach

Our intention is to facilitate a process that supports you in becoming a professional coach. This training initiates the journey of mastering the art of merging the best from presence and coaching and developing the skills to facilitate a process that supports others in:

  • deeper self connection - to come home into myself
  • expansion of authentic connection with others
  • developing a skilfull collaboration and manifestation in the world
b)  Expanding access to more peaceful presence qualities in your own life

The training is intended to give you safe personal journey that can benefit you with a significant shift in how you feel present in your own life and thus being able to authentically support others in the same.

  • How much you can contain and stay awake to what happens inside you
  • How peacefully and alive, the connection to yourself feels
  • How authentically and relaxed  you feel connected to others
  • How clearly you navigate in your life
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