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Coach Training - Key Skills and Learning

What core challenges will you be able support clients in solving?

Solving the riddle of freedom and intimacy

How can I be in relations without slowly compromising my freedom away? And as result of this compromise, slowly seeing the sense of freedom and intimacy inside me and between us vanish?

This seems to be one of the most painful areas and central riddles in many relationships - from the most intimate to the more distant. Manny relations seem in time to get a sense of disconnection, and lack of real intimacy and authentic freedom. The Mindful Relating training offers answers on:

  • what slowly kills love and connection in all kinds of relations
  • the profound paradox between freedom and intimacy in relations
  • how we in an intelligent way can support respect, freedom, passion, safety,  depth and vulnerability at the same time
  • how we can integrate non-violent communication practice in a way that  feels natural to use in daily life
  • how the newest attachment and theory that helps us to come into a deeper understanding of our unique challenges in life and result in a more harmony and relaxed relating to your own as well as others challenges

Heal separation

As most of our suffering comes from loneliness and lack of enough loving intelligent connection in our past (and maybe also in our life now) - the healing space of another's presence has the potential to slowly and gently support a deep healing of our separation.

Staying cool when it gets hot

Moving from reactivity to connection. Mindful Relating with yourself and others  will with time support you in building up a sense of inner calm centeredness. This helps you to stay connected to openness, and intelligence in challenging situations, in your own life and with clients.

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