Expanding as awarness, containing us self, hands off  and getting out of the way

First we need to understand, contain and intimately know how our mind functions. How the it has the potential to trigger us self and each other into becoming miserable, small and  contracted, and at the same time has the power to make us deeply and satisfied happy. For that to happen we need to develop our own holding space of awareness.

This mediation based relational coach training gives you a method of inquiry into the functioning of the mind that helps you to extend your ability for holding a non-judgmental meta perspective on yourself - to be bigger than your habitual mind, to expand a holding space of awareness.

This extended ability to see yourself gives room for a explorative learning process about how your mind is part of the creation of our suffering, and of our happiness. With time this practise has the potential to give you the necessary skilfull means and deep understanding of yourself. That gives you the possibility to choose between happiness and suffering in your life.

The mind as a servant or a ruler of life

Through a deeper understanding of the minds' function we support a movement towards a use of the mind that functions in more harmony with  its deeper positive intention. As a healthy servant of life, as an successful GPS-system for belonging in, and interaction with the world.

The awareness, theory and practise on our training support an awake movement from suffering to happiness - from isolation, contractions and inner environment of  judging  to more curiosity, openness, flow, aliveness and belonging. This shift happens on the level of mind simultaneous with increased access to aliveness, freedom and pleasure on the body/emotional level.

Our ability to be bigger than us self and to be awake to us self with wisdom curiosity and heart, simply decides our capacity for learning. How we feel, how we relate to others, and which choices we take in life.

Learn more about the three building blocks of transformation:

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