• Mindful Relational Coach Training

  • Mindful Relating Coach Training


    The Mindful Relating Coach Training invites you into a practice of relating in peaceful presence to yourself and others. A practice that with time manifests a deeper belonging, freedom, authenticity and aliveness inside you and in all your relations, and gives you the ability to support others into the same state of connectednes.


    We offer a approach to coaching that is based on mindfulness. The core focus is on experiencing the healing and invigorating potential of relating in awareness and presence - with others, yourself, and the world.


    Main purpose and intention

    We offer a mindful approach to life and coaching that contain the theoretic understanding, the tools, and the personal and relational practice that with time and dedication has the potential:

      • to bring us self from the small contracted version of us selves to the bigger potential of fullnes we all have within us. To bring us from identification with and trapt-ness in our small mind, to a bigger more spacious and alive experience of us self as personal presence.

      • to bring relations with others from isolation, fear, contraction and disconnection towards platforms of alive freedom and safe, loving and creative belonging

      • to move communities and families from conflict and fear or just superficial niceness, into becoming platforms of deeper safer belonging. Platforms where we can freely live our love, creativity and personal contribution. - When we belong safely in our community we more easily grow a natural effortless impulse to care for others and the world in large.

    By fully recognising and acknowledging our deep longing to come home into us selves to be true and real, and at the same time belong with others - we can begin to let go of separation and focus on outer positions and “ideal” ways of relating. This creates the basics for opening up to more spacious, authentic and intimate ways of existing and being together.


    The mind shift has in it the potential to heal much of the pain, separation, wrongness and isolation we have stored inside us - and transform our relations into real, fulfilling and conscious connections, with us selves as well as with our friends, partners and families.



    As we begin to master the understanding and the emotional skills necessary for creating safe connectedness inwards - we naturally become more inspired to contribute to others and open up for manifesting more intelligent and successful ways of living our own gifts and passions with others and in the world.


    Learn more about the Coach Training:



    The main principles of transformation

    The training, theory and exercises serve as clear and intelligent frame for the exploration and deepening into belonging. The training is an open exploration of three belonging forms and how they manifest in us selves and in our participants. This integrated process invites a more intimate intelligent belonging in us selves at the same time as we are learning how to support others in deeper self connection. The training is an unfolding and dynamic learning process where we all will become more of us selves.


    We invite you into a practice of three building blocks that rest on the top of each other:

  • Lars Fogh om Module 1


    "Kurset er fokuseret og struktureret bevidsthedsarbejde.
    Arbejde med fordybelse og udforskning af hvad der rør sig i mig lige nu og at bringe dette frem. At mærke efter og mærke hvad det gør ved mig, og samtidigt være i en gruppe med samme fokus

    - i fuld accept af hvad end der kommer frem i hver af os -


    - har givet mig et bevidsthedsløft og stor taknemmelighed.


    Udforskningen og samtalerne på kurset er simple men effektivt strukturerede og åbner op til at opleve nærvær i samvær.

    Det er som om den indre observatør bliver opgraderet og der bliver sat ord på. Nu kan jeg bedre og mere meningsfuldt svare på spørgsmålet: Hvordan har du det? Hvad sker der i dig lige nu?


    Kurset er ikke en mental øvelse i at blive klogere, men en praktisk guide til dit indre liv.
    Kan anbefales."
    Kærligst Lars Fogh

  • Mindful Relating Blog

    From or co-meditator we receive a holding space where it becomes much easier to see us self, feel more deeply our feelings, body and longings. In this loving contact we can connect to our own natural capacity for learning and problem solving.   The warm holding space of another also helps us to...
    Integrating NVC and meditation - looking deeply and compassion as transformation force Once a foundation of holding a non-interfering presence is established we can start staying with, and looking more deeply into the needs behind our challenges and our longings. With looking deeply we mean...
    February 6, 2016
    Up-qualifying the process of waking up to myself, with the support of a co-meditator In traditional meditation one of the intentions is to develop the space to see what goes on in your mind, to stop and to expand your capacity for letting go of identification with feelings and thoughts. Slowly...
    February 6, 2016
    Expanding as awarness, containing us self, hands off  and getting out of the way First we need to understand, contain and intimately know how our mind functions. How the it has the potential to trigger us self and each other into becoming miserable, small and  contracted, and at the same time...
    Module Overview Datoer: Hver anden weekend i måneden - Med få undtagelser Juli, August, December og Januar holders der pause.   Mindful Relating - Meditation for 2 : - 2 dage (Externat) Fungere som Intruduktions weekend - Du kan søge optagelse på Mindful Relating - Relational Coach uddannelsen...
    Module overview The whole training follows a logical sequence with an inner exploration of what it means to you to handle the need for safe and fruitful belonging and freedom at the same time. First with myself, then with others, and at last in the world. The modules are designed in a way that...
    Requirements between modules Written homework Between each module to write one A4 page about learning from sessions and content of module as well as one A4 page about your own process - starting after module two.  Sessions Receiving 35 sessions - 25 from a professional coach, 10 from other...
    As presence and awareness is not something you can master by “reading about it”  or getting it from the outside through theory - we support the integration of the most important skills coming from this training in four main ways: An experiential process oriented learning method on the training...
    You don't need to have the wish to become a coach. All the coach skills are easily applied to all situations in life involving contact with yourself and contact with others. You might wish to establish a practise of meditation for two during and after the training as that has a deeply nurturing...
    February 5, 2016
    Unique tools and understanding catalyzed by Mindful Relating a clear and useful model to fully understand and practise presence transformative awareness about the function and deeper intention of the personality handling the inner critic, understanding it´s deeper intention and roots a...
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    People behind Mindful Relating


    Tine Vindeløv

    One of Tines core interests is to understand what it means to relate to us selves and to each other in ways that support deepening of safe belonging, freedom, authenticity and aliveness.


    She has been working with clients and participants on her workshops to support deeper contact to their inner resources and sense of self connection for over 30 years.


    Read more about her background here


    Read more about why you should work with her here

    Albert Rösch

    Some 20 years ago the desire to know "what supports deep self insight, authentic connection to others and a sense of trust and joy in life" started Albert’s journey.


    He works full time offering coaching, holding workshops as well as hiking tours in Sweden’s breathtaking nature. Albert is a certified coach and holds a degree from Lund School of Economics. 

  • Contact us for information on the full training on tinebrevsprekke@gmail.com


    All info on Module 1 - Go here



    Mindful Relating Coach Training

    A meditations baseret Relationel fokuseret Coach Training.

    Modul 1: Healing relations - 7 - 10 April og igen den - 11 - 14 Maj.

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