• Mindful Relating

    Mindful Relating is a new approach to coaching that merges modern coaching tools, Non-violent communication, appreciative inquiry and body awareness with presence.


    Core principles

    We believe that one of our core longings is the longing to belong. To be fully at home in our self, to belong with others and to belong in the world at the same time. We believe that wee deeply want each other - and we see our longing for creating safe authentic connections with us selves and with others as a healthy life supporting inner drive.


    We appreciate and recognize our natural impulse to step up for our longing to belong and learn the necessary skills to create safe havens of belonging for the benefit of us selves, others and the world around us.



    Much of the loneliness, separation and violence in the world come from misunderstood strategies for safe belonging. A lack of understanding of how to “solve” the paradox of our longing to be free and intimate at the same time is a source of much suffering in many relationships - from the most intimate to the more distant.


    The Mindful Relating approach offers a deep understanding of how the need for belonging is a key driving force in our lives and our ways of relating - and how it also creates suffering.


    Our approach is rooted in mindfulness and presence and uses elements on non-violent communication, trauma healing, body awareness, as well as appreciative inquiry and coaching tools.


    Our integrated understanding opens up to finding more mindful, intelligent and successful strategies for safe and enjoyable belonging with each other, a basis for a connected and loving world - for the benefit of all.

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